What would you like to celebrate about October?

Congratulations to us. We made it to November. :muscle:

Let’s take a moment to celebrate with each other.

I’d like to celebrate hosting an in-person event called TestBashX Bucks. It was quite the last-minute thing to do and it seemed to go well. And I happened to have a load of fun too! A privilege to host such an excellent community event. I’d also like to celebrate all the attendees who got stuck in with all the activities during the day. There was such a buzz!

:trophy: What happened in October that you’d like to celebrate? Big, small, or somewhere between, feel free to share here.


My lovely new boss said there are three team members he could not stand to lose, and I’m one of them.

AND I got a big tax rebate!


related to testing: Moved from a dev manager, managing day to day for a cross functional team of developers and testers, back into a test manager role with a focus on moving the test team forward and developing the department over the long term.

unrelated to testing: My short film, that I assumed would never get picked up by any film festivals, showed at Toronto After Dark in front of a 500+ seat theatre that was almost packed and I was there to introduce the film. It’s also shown at four other festivals in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia (so far).


I spoke at an in-person conference and wrote a few articles. Right now I’m taking it a bit easy with the side projects so I can have more personal free time to play with my son and to have some alone time in the evening, so I can chill and bing-watch TV shows :smiley:


did I mention I selfpublished a book? https://leanpub.com/goatsbook/

Here’s my story on how I did it :



Whoah! October came and went so fast.
There was a mini reorganisation at the company, and I had to fight my corner for what I’m doing. Luckily that got recognised.
And on the private front, friends from New Zealand finally came to visit us, after a 2 year delay


Well that’s great, @jon_thompson . Nice work!

That’s incredible, @davidshute. I imagine that was a huge buzz and boost.

Lovely stuff, @mirza

A book written and launched in such a short space of time. Many congrats, @jesper. Here’s to it landing on many people’s reading lists.

Solid. :muscle:t2: Nice one, @pmichielsen.