Share Your Blog Post — January 2023

:writing_hand: Have you published a personal testing-related blog post in January 2023?

Feel free to reply to this topic with a link and a brief description of what someone might learn/discover by reading it.

I’ll endeavour to post this topic every two weeks to keep things fresh.

Let’s celebrate our efforts to write and share with the testing community. :trophy:

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I have made two blog posts.

One about work life balance since recently I have had a baby.

The other was about starting up A11Y


With @andreajensen, we wrote a blog post about our AgileTD workshop “Discover your explorer soul” where we answered the questions we had from participants and shared our experience.


I have published two personal testing blog posts so far in January :


And I have just posted: A review of Dr Joseph Juran’s autobiography: “Architect of Quality” – TestAndAnalysis


I have been writing small atomic essays and posting it everyday all about testing topics. I have been sharing these on twitter everyday.


wow keep it up :+1: great challenge post everyday :grinning:

Wow @parveen - that is impressive, keep on with that :clap:

I wrote a tutorial about implementing the Page Object pattern in Selenium for Java:

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I’ve recently published a new blog post in my “general” strand. It came about because my company was recently taken over by a larger group, and we’ve been asked to complete their self-assessment review forms and in particular update our professional histories. As I’m now approaching retirement, this turned into something of a retrospective for me. As I’m reading the biography of Terry Pratchett right now, I began to see similarities in the trajectories of our lives and careers (though I accept I shall never be as successful as Terry Pratchett!).

It’s a bit of a long read, but I’ve been able to draw some conclusions from it.

A Time of Changes – 2 | Steer for the deep waters only (

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I just want to share a blogpost which I created out of a LinkedIn posting (with credits to the author) and hope to broaden (also mine) your mind for github repos regarding software testing :slight_smile:


It’s taken me a while to get this one together. I primarily write for my own sake, but spent time thinking about how to make it useful for other people. I tried to make the “intent of the work” consumable by someone who doesn’t have detailed docker knowledge. Feedback more than welcome!

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My last blog post in January 2023: It is never too late to reassess how you define quality – TestAndAnalysis

Does anyone have an easy definition of what Quality should be this days? I try to definite in this article by taking into consideration the Quality Assistance approach.

My January blog post in on using test and quality to build tech we can trust: Can We Build Tech We Can Trust? – She Codes the Cosmos