Skills/Capability Matrix

This may or may not be of use to folks here, but I thought I’d share.

Here on my Dropbox is an Excel file with a matrix of skills and capabilities I am adopting to help my team understand how to progress in their career.

The “Capabilities” are top-level categories I’m using to drive critical behaviors and practices at our organization. Skills are specific things to drive those Capabilities.

It’s purposely high-level and somewhat ambiguous, as I utterly despise those inane checklists used for job descriptions and evaluations. Rant over.

I differentiate between QA (“Quality Assurance” which is a title I will burn down at a later stage and replace with “Tester”) and SDET.

Each skill has one of five levels for it. Levels are defined in the file with some examples.

Feel free to steal, borrow, adapt, or ignore. :slight_smile:


that dropbox linky is not working today

When I start a new job, there is always a wiki - I basically paste a relevant version of my CV skill matrix into my personal wiki page, just 6 or 7 bullets, things you are good at. I then drop a few bullets for things I want to know more about in the product or tools stack below it.
Anyone dropping by can then not only find out about me, but also if I can help them, or they can help me. I’m not sure a rank of 1-5 is accurate, a rank of 1-3 is probably more achievable. I could use these as annual performance review starter points too I guess.

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Weird. I just checked and it worked fine for me. Which is a lovely variant of “works on my machine” and you’re not working on my machine…

Feel free to ping me via email and I’ll send you a copy if you’re interested:

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Link works now. I blame the Time Lords

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shakes fist

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