Test basis and Test analysis

Can anyone help in understanding how the test analysis is related to test basis?


Test analysis is an activity defining WHAT needs to be tested in the form of test conditions. Test basis is the total documents/requirements or application itself (or both). So you derive test analysis from the test basis. :blush:


The information required in order to start the ‘Test Analysis’ is known as ‘Test Basis’. Software testing services providers use ‘Test Basis’ as a referral documentation for creating test cases and it can be anything like system requirements, interfaces, product risks analysis, User Manual etc.

‘Test basis’ should be defined and structured properly so that test conditions, from which test cases have to be derived, are easily understood.

Now, if we talk about ‘Test Analysis’ then it’s an activity that defines what needs to be tested in the form of test conditions. It is simply the process of analyzing the Test basis. Test condition refers to something that we could test. One should try to identify as many conditions as one can and from them, we can choose which one to be taken forward and combine into test cases. These are called the test possibilities.

One can perform test analysis of a certain level only if the test conditions for the particular level have been defined.

Hope this information is helpful for you.