Testmo REST API update for data portability & reporting

I just wanted to provide a quick update regarding Testmo’s API, as we’ve just announced a major update with many new REST endpoints to query your testing data for custom integrations, reports & analytics uses cases. As there were questions about testing data portability in the past, I thought this might be useful.

Any feedback or questions welcome!


Any plans in the long term to expose more endpoints to consumers, such as Test Case creation and modification?

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Hi there,

Yes, we would also like to add more and more endpoints to the API to e.g. retrieve and eventually also add test cases via the API. This is already on our feature request list, so we would like to review this. It is also already possible to easily add/import test cases automatically via our CSV import (which also allows you to map columns/fields/values etc., including custom fields). But I understand that APIs specifically for this would also be useful.

I hope this helps!



Hey Dennis,

This is pretty exciting stuff, as I’m trying to champion this tool to some of my peers and get them to adopt it they seem pretty stuck on that specific feature. Do you happen to know how far down the roadmap that specific API functionality would be?

Again, Super excited about what the API currently enables.


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We don’t usually have roadmaps/timelines for features far in advance, as we want to stay flexible with releases & feature orders/priorities. But additional API endpoints is something we plan to review for multiple future updates, so it’s definitely on our wishlist! You can also email us for official support here (to ensure that we don’t miss any message here, as we might not check the forum every day):



+1 for Didymus Bensons’s request.

My team would also benefit from using the API to extract the current test cases.

We are currently in a POC of Testmo and this is a huge downside. We currently do a lot of custom integrations via API and this will prevent us doing 90% of what we currently do.