The slow bloggers

If like me you only write once a year, please do share below.

For the last few weeks I’ve been hacking at a work side project and finally posted part 1 of my solution.
Borne of a frustration at being new to selenium, and also not finding so few are writing about the Page-Object pitfalls in their blogs.


What a great idea, I never thought to aim so low. I guess once a year is better than nothing at all. I should set a goal like that too (or once a month), I haven’t written anything on my blog since returning to work from furlough.

I mean you can write about your search for some fun wireless tech. Good to hear you are busy again Philip.


I’m not a once a year blogger, but I’m not blogging as often as I used to - I think I have published four this year.

At one point I was smashing out one a week, but there was no way I was going to keep up with that pace.

I probably overthink them now, as if I’m some expert, I should just finish writing some of those that I have in draft and see what happens.

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Does it for me, great content shared there Chris :smiley_cat:

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