Tools for User Acceptance Testing

A question popped up in Slack recently that I thought would make a great Club post.

What tools do you use for User-Acceptance-Testing and why do you use them / goal, etc?

The poster gave the example that they use Sizzy for checking all ViewPorts in just one browser.

What about you? What tools do you use for user acceptance testing? Why do you use them?

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An excel spreadsheet. As we’re in telecoms, lots of mobile phones and SIM cards. The number of mobile phones I carry through customs occasionally raises eyebrows (“I’m in telecoms. It’s allowed!”).

As a test organisation, it’s safe to say we’re behind on tools.

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There are various tools are used in user acceptance testing but i know two tools that i would like to suggest you that mentioned below:

Fitness tool:it is a java tool used as testing helps to create tests and record all the there results for a table.Users of the tool enter formatted input and tests created automatically.Then tests executed,and output returned to the user.

Watir:it is a tool kit to automate browser based tests during a process of User acceptance testing.

Wow… Sizzy is impressive. I doubt my company would buy this tool. But it’s really cool, though.