User profiles are largely blank

Earlier in week someone asked a question, and I wanted to know what Country or geo might be most relevant to them, but their profile appears to be blank/invisible. So I suddenly though, hey, let me complete my profile, and I noticed 2 problems (problems being me not following instruction, it’s unclear, or it’s really broken!)

  1. I can add background cards or background user banners, but those don’t appear anyplace, guess they are disabled. When I upload a 1110 pix banner, the banner is not actually correctly displayed in my profile edit anyway. Anyway, looks like a feature that’s overkill?
  2. User profiles are not giving much detail at all, for example a new joiner:
    Who wants to help out with RFP, but no real idea who or what goals they represent from the profile which by default holds just a persons ASSUMED name. Nothing more. Can we improve user profiles?

I understand sometimes one does want to just keep it anonymous. But that cuts 2 ways, humans tend to treat any account with a nonsense of fake name differently, as non-human often. And apart from Bias issues. Is there a way to better build out a profile by using a linked-in link?

Hi Conrad,

We are currently working on user profiles for our main platform which will display more information about users. Part of that work will be researching how that information can also be added to Club user profiles should users wish to do so. It’s taking time to develop but it is something that’s on our roadmap. If you need to know the location of a user in the meantime in order to help them with their question, it’s okay to ask them to clarify that.

The username is set by users themselves at signup. In your particular example, I can see the full name on the user profile but perhaps that’s because I’m an admin :slight_smile:

At the moment, we’ve had very few cases of people abusing The Club or other areas of our platform under names that are not their preferred name. When I say very few, it’s small single digits in the 3 years that I’ve worked here. We’ve also got an excellent community on here who flag anything that looks suspicious or needs moderator attention very quickly.

In most cases where people have usernames that in no way relate to their preferred name, they do so in order to seek help whilst also trying to protect themselves from employer backlash for doing so. See The anxiety behind recorded webinars which demonstrates this much better than I can explain currently.


Yeah, I never had a location shown in my bio. U jsut quickly had to tack on “UK” at the end after feeling a little but slow off the mark.

I do hope that people who want to remain “off-grid” feel safe to do so. We have been made even more aware of how if you are not white and male the world does treat you very badly quite often. And so might not want to create an avatar image either.

Most keen to have people fill in more detail in their bio about their kinds of testing tooling. I feel that a way to show succinctly whether you are a generalist, or a web guru, or a native apps person, or in some cases only do embedded testing would help people target answers a bit better. Thanks for all the good work, it does appear to be gradually building a community and the industry.

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Yes I second you, also there is a glitch in calendar field, where its allowing to select 31st on February month :smiley:

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Hi Vijitha,

FYI, this link shows how to generate test cases to verify calendar boundaries. It’s also a pairwise design.