We want to hear your questions for mabl

We’re doing something a bit different with our annual partners, you can read all about what annual partners are and who they are here.

We’re having Ask Me Anythings with our partners, we want to get their questions in ahead of time so they can provide as much value as possible. This is a great opportunity to find out more about mabl in particular - is there a feature you’ve been struggling with? Maybe you want to ask if there are plans for a new addition to their tools? Or you’d like to understand the best way to use their tools and integrate them into your daily testing?

Please add your questions here, thank you in advance for getting involved and taking the time!

Now is your chance :tada: Krista King will do her best to answer your questions.


I haven’t used Mabl, but I’m curious about what are they doing differently compared to other companies who have similar products - low code automation tools?


Oh nice, good shout.

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I quickly glanced at the Mabl website. It looks like (yet another) low code testing tool.

I had asked some questions about another low code testing tool here if that helps - New codeless automation tool - #2 by raghu

PS - I am not a fan of low code testing tools. I’d avoid working for an employer which uses such tools.

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Did you have any specific questions for mabl that you’d like to see answered?

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If possible, all of the questions which I asked in the post which I linked. I think those questions are generic enough to be applicable to all tools like Mabl.

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