What do you get out of contributing on The Club?

In response to the TestBash Home: What One Thing Are You Still Doing? thread, where I mentioned that I had started using, and have continued using The Club several times a week.

Have you got anything out of contributing here on The Club?

A few highlights for me:

  • Win/s for the week threads - best way to end the week!
  • Asking for advice when launching the Testing Peers podcast
  • Appreciation threads during TestBash Home
  • AMA continuations
  • All of the engagement

Hi Chris,

I also started being more active on the club, all the disucssions that I read are inspiring and I also started asking some questions on things that I have in progress. As they said collective intelligence is greater than the individual one and the sum of it all is even greater !

  • like the thread related to new job change
  • reading and sharing your wins of the week bring motivation to all of us
  • get some inspirations to strucuture my ideas while preparing for a conference talk
  • sharing meetups I organize and asking for more tips to engage community
  • writing blogs to the same topics (although I couldn’t take the whole challenge all the months but few times I did)

and much more, It’s all about community :heart_eyes:


I really enjoy being a part of this community, everyone is really friendly and smart. One of my favourite parts of this forum is getting answers and seeing a lot of different opinions, which is very valuable.

Another awesome thing is the Bloggers Club, lot of great inspiration for us bloggers!

Here’s a heart emoji :heart:


I’ve been a fan since the start :smiley: Some of the highlights:

  • Stickiness of discussions after events (TestBash, AMA, workshops)
  • Helping others out with questions
  • Getting ideas to blogposts
  • Sharing 30 days of XXX findings
  • Learning about all the different aspects of the community

All of the above!!

I love to help people out where I can. And then getting recognised for that with being named Club ninja of the month :ninja_orange:


Damn, you stole my line! :smiley:
I would like to add that you see new things. I’m working on a project myself and I use the technology of what my clients use but in the Club, you can see so much more and it gives you the ability learn so much more, it gives me so many idea’s and learning opportunities.

It’s a heartwarming community.
It’s also pushing me to do new things, to be innovative , I started writing an article (still am… mostly re-writing) and so much more.

I’m glad to call the Club my second home <3


Ultimately, I think this is the main point, it is because of the community that all of this works


This is really valuable, and here it also feels like it is a safer place than say, an open-ended question on Twitter.

Different perspectives are so important in testing, and I really value that here.


This feels like the best way in this more remote and virtual world, to engage beyond just watching an event.


I can add that remote events allow the global community to attend !
The challenge becomes about time zone :rofl:


That’s such an awesome fact, for all communities, I can follow 2-3 meetups a week now XD


Indeed, much more choices :wink: so the probability that we find topics related to our “specefic learnings” is much higher


My hope is that these accessible virtual events as well as in person events become the norm in the future for MoT


I hope so too. If working becomes more hybrid, and gets accepted as such, so should the MeetUps and conferences


It feels very inclusive and a safe environment to learn and share.

Many people have supported me when I have a question to ask.
Sometimes I can help other people.
I love the weekly wins. It’s so positive!
I like the continued conversations after talks.
It makes me learn different perspectives, ideas etc