What is your win for this week - starting 15 November

What is your win for this week?
Did you have to be a :woman_firefighter: or a :peace_symbol: maker? Did you loose at something and then learn from that experience? Do join me and share your wins of the last week.


As the year end approaches, most teams have a big release to push, I have 2, and almost done on the second one now. My win is that it’s the first time…

  • I have ran an iOS release with nobody holding hand at all.
  • Learned that my test cover is considered good. And that people do forgive for small bugs slipping through!
  • Also spoke to an old friend on Signal, I’m gonna call them up this weekend!


  • Turned one planned xmas release that was not going to make it, into a win by getting it postponed! It was a feature I owned, so postponing it still feels like a loss even if it was for the better.

My full time job is kind of laid back (maybe I’m overqualified, don’t know) so I’ve been helping out a fried who’s got a small development shop, to figure out a small task for a junior tester role and reviewing a finish task by one of the candidates, which has been very fun.

Had a monthly meeting with my QA co-workers where we sat down and started refining requirements for future job adverts, kind of analysing what are the trends on the local market.

And my article on exploratory testing got published :smiley:

  • A week ago I started on a blog post about a development environment. This costed me too much time, so I switched to a blog post about oracles and heuristics for the Bloggers’ Challenge of this month.
  • In the meantime I am collecting things for a blog post about this year’s wins.

:houses: I fixed the timer of our boiler :wrench: . Learned a lot, and saved some money


Wins -

  • on track with my wellbeing goals of sleep, diet and exercise
  • Completed revamped how we run RCA’s, got a nod of approval to start doing lessons learned pieces for our p2s, set up a session across teams to talk about escaped bugs…experimenting and trialling on learning from bugs to prevent them…
  • Took a personal development day to attend an agile conference (something different!)

Started using our Confluence wiki to document things rather than Google Drive.

I’m working on some complex stuff that’s critically important, and having my decision making process and test cases more easily accessible to everyone in the company feels good.


Got a significant raise :tada: It feels great to know my work is appreciated!

One of our devs expressed his interest in learning Postman so I gave him an intro session. It made me realise how much stuff I know that devs don’t - that did help alleviate my imposter syndrome a little bit :smiley: Plus, it’s always fun to share knowledge around!

I found a few very elusive bugs and by digging into logs I pinpointed their exact root causes so devs were able to fix them quickly.


I was interviewed by the duchess france (an association of women in tech) and my interview was translated and published on Jenkins’ blog :slight_smile: I’m cheating a little it was last week not this week but I didn’t tell you not spoken.

This week I received a mug of Mattermost following some PR I did. :coffee:


On line? Can you give us the link please?


@anne-laure sure, here it is - it’s about common misconceptions about ET:


Having an excellent week at AgileTD
Let the picture describe all my wins and the good moments I had.
Also meeting at least 30 of online testing friends onsite for the first time !!!


Had a busy week getting back from Holiday.

  • Learned a lot of new things about pictures & file uploads
  • Especially about corrupted files
  • Did some interviews
  • Joined a Meet & Greet to explain what testing is all about to students!


  • Went to eat a dessert-only lunch <3

Had a great time at the AgileTD, was honoured to be the announcer for the MIATPP award and I didn’t gain weight during the AgileTD week (quite unusual, the food is really good there).


Just scored another win (I shouldn’t post my wins before the week is over, really :smiley: )

I finally finished the 30 days of Postman challenge for developers! :tada:


Um, Will. Are you cooking that goose? I don’t want to sound like the wet blanket, but all my friends know me for being a plain speaker. Google docs is not a secure document storage location, especially for testing related data, architecture diagrams on google is fine though :slight_smile:


Interesting. Do you have any articles explaining how Google Drive isn’t secure?

For context we have a business account that can only share documents with employees.

From what I’ve just been reading, it feels pretty secure, unless your only idea of secure is offline. I doubt our ops team would let the whole company use it without having done their due diligence either. They barely let us do anything :slight_smile:


I was not assuming that it’s a corporate account provisioned drive Will, so it is policy and it is monitored properly for you. Secure depends on risk level, and when you consider that the cloud “drive” is really just your files right alongside someone else’s files on the same physical volume with no air-gap, that suddenly gets real unless company policy is stating that you trust “provider-X”. Seen accidental sharing of cloud docs or just plain private docs happen too easily.

It’s always a win when you can make especially testing documentation easier to find, and a thing I have hated most has always been IT providing a poor WIKI platform.

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