What’s Your Win For The Week? 15th May 2021

Here are few quick wins

  • Added 3+ videos on API Testing with POSTMAN on The Testing Academy Youtube Channel.
  • Worked on API Testing with Karate Framework
  • Added 2+ videos on API Testing (Hindi YouTube channel )

Funny how I don’t think I’ve done anything all week until I see these threads.

  • Finished paperwork/admin which should mean something new and exciting in a few weeks. :crossed_fingers:
  • Busy weekend with DIY for the kids rooms. (Lots of flatpack counts as DIY right?)
  • Good progress with writing
  • Ad hoc cross department work on Friday. Was nice to share some of how we approached wikis / internal guides.

Yes Peet! Looking forward to seeing what comes next :grin: Not surprised your appraisal went well, you’ve been doing excellent work :muscle:

Loved reading your article Ioan :grin: HUGE fan of lego here too :stuck_out_tongue:

Woop woop :tada: delighted you put yourself out there and the team have responded so well!

Congratulations Olly! :partying_face:

Listened to this myself this week. Really loved it. It’s been a while since I was able to sit down and properly focus on a podcast so was pretty happy to have started with this one as it’s a topic I care a lot about too :heart:

This fills me with so much joy! So glad to see you being appreciated for the wonderful tester you are :muscle: congratulations on the new job title and pay increase, fantastic news :balloon:

Welcome back to testing Brandon :grin: looking forward to seeing more posts from you here

Fantastic news! Great to be able to leave on good terms :slight_smile:

Good on you! It’s tricky to stay on top of sometimes and easy to focus on everyone but yourself. Proud of you :hugs:

You have! It’s been a busy week :grin: Hope you got to relax over the weekend after the brain overload!

Sounds like you’re getting on top of lots of side projects Emna, congratulations :grinning:

Yes Kimberly! :muscle: Good on you for putting yourself out there :tada:

Really important Melissa! Got to look after yourself :hugs:

Lots of API focus this week for you Pramod :grin: Sounds like it was a busy week!

Yes, it also deserves a medal for patience :laughing:


I got rid of my old desk and replaced it with a standing desk. I’ve been struggling with back pain and had to improvise a standing desk situation (using books and a riser, moving accessories from room to room). This is a major step up, since I have a dedicated space, always ready to go.


Congrats on making a difference with your new desk, @embo! I hope it helps relieve some of your back pain.

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Thank you very much!

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I don’t know who could possibly put you down @heather_reid but send them to me and I will educate them on all your awesomeness.
It’s been such a hectic week my head is still spinning so I’ve only just got round to this.

  • Really enjoyed delivering my 99 minutes workshop on accessibility and had some really nice feedback too
  • Done two bootcamp sessions this week. The first was a drop in and the second was on thinking like a tester, one of my favourites
  • Had a few great conversations on bringing accessibility more to the fore in our company and embedding it in our mission statement
  • Also had a couple of conversations helping people with understanding a11y

A former colleague of mine was made redundant by his employer. They wanted to get rid of ‘exploratory testing’ and have everything automated to ‘test all the things’.

I recommended that he reach out to a fellow colleague in the community. He got an interview, nailed it, and now he has an excellent job at an exciting company.

It really gave me the feels! :slight_smile:


I love this workshop Ady! Loved it so much I attended it twice because I was sure there was more I could learn from you (and there was :grin: )

Solid recommendation and congratulations to this person on landing the new role :tada:


Thank you @heather_reid :pray:


It’s good when the community works for each other.