What’s Your Win For The Week? 17th April 2021

What win(s) do you have this week? Share them here so we can celebrate them with you :tada:

My wins for this week:

  • Briefly got my unread emails down to single digits :sweat_smile:
  • Virtually met @yogitakl for the first time :grin:
  • Started to get the Testing Family Feud board together for Exploratory Testing Week :eyes:
  • Has felt like a long week, but looking at it, managed to get my to do list a lot shorter. Must be the new desk that made me more productive :smiley:
  • Received the MoT neck buff for becoming the Club ninja of the Month. :ninja_orange:
  • Getting deeper into API automation while working on a prototype framework
  • Convinced my management to by us tickets for the upcoming SauceCon conference
  • Trying to inspire non-testers to contribute to improving the test process - I made some easily digestible documentation and shared it with everyone in my company
  • On the personal side, it’s Ramadan so I’m fasting and everyone is pampering me by offering me delicious meals - I always think I’ll lose weight during Ramadan but that never seems to happen… :laughing:

What exactly is the “Testing Family Feud board” and what do they do? I saw it mentioned somewhere.

It’s a twist on a game show that we’ll be running during exploratory testing week. There are 2 teams and a board of answers that nobody can see (this is the board I’m putting together based on answers to this Exploratory Testing Week 2021 - Testing Family Feud).

Each team puts forward one member to start, the host asks them a question and it’s a race to hit the buzzer first. The first person to hit the buzzer gets to guess an answer from the board first. If their answer was the top answer on the board, their team gets to play to guess all of the other answers on the board and win points. Good example video here :grin:

Details about our version of it are over on the event page.

  • I started writing an article about “testing of machine learning models”! It’s the first time writing an article so I’m super excited about it and if only 1 person will read it, I’ll be super happy :smiley:

I got my PO to create an automated UI test. :grinning:


My first article for MoT “The Value of Pessimism in Software Testing” was published!
It was nice to see that quite a lot of people enjoyed it :slight_smile:


This week, I focused on the requirements aspect towards Software Quality. It’s the Business Analysts’ and Product Owners’ job, but Test can provide leadership in spotting incomplete, inadequate specifications. Towards this, I completed 2 online courses, and in the process of doing my third. It’s interesting because while it is true that requirements evolve (as in Agile environments), Test can still ask the right questions to open the minds and get more details. Who knows if it’s a missed detail or an evolving requirement? Only if one asks, we will all know!


I’d be very interested to read that.

  • My big win for the week was having my first bit of Test Automation pass peer review, and now be included as part of the Nightlies.

Congrats, which framework and technology you are using