What’s Your Win For The Week? November 28th

What wins do you have this week? Big or small, let’s celebrate the wins :tada:

My wins for this week:

  • Professional: Took more steps to clean up some categories on The Club to better mirror our website.
  • Personal: Tackled some legal paperwork (I dislike paperwork a lot so this is massive for me :sweat_smile:)

What are your wins?

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It was my vacation week, but there is always something going on:

  • Completed five technical interviews with candidates for new testers that I’ll likely mentor
  • Completed several courses that I’ve been neglecting for quite some time
  • Finally put some extra work into my DIY guitar amp - and figured out that I’ve made some huge mistakes in schematic (but it’s still progress, parts are cheap so I can always start from scratch)

This week feels like it has had more losses than wins…but on reflection, there have been a few wins!

  • We started to introduce personas to the team and the early noises are positive
  • I received some Sauce Swag in the post from SauceLabs
  • I had a really encouraging chat with @berenvd and co. from the RiskStorming team, looking forward to some future collaboration both at work and with the Testing Peers
  • Introduced the Three Amigos at work, and while it was hard work, I think that we are getting through to the team as we work to become a more collaborative group
  • I’m still trying to get over the fact that I am having 1:1s with a manager who seems to actually be able to run a good 1:1
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You were interviewing people in your vacation week? That’s wild!

I’d love to see the finished guitar amp when you get there. That sounds like a brilliant project :grin:

That sweet sweet hot sauce :drooling_face: