What’s Your Win For This Week? October 10th

What’s your win for this week? Big or small, let’s celebrate it :balloon:

My wins for this week:

  • Professional - started participating in a book club for community managers
  • Professional - almost have my unread notifications on all platforms down to 0 :muscle:
  • Personal - got lots of accounts set up with suppliers for our house, so much paperwork!

Excellent thread! My win this week is having kept my cool! I know it’s OK to show vulnerability but I’m tired of feeling angry at retros and then thinking I’m completely wrong to feel this way. However, I took some advice that was given to me and I didn’t cry or get upset! It’s a win for me :slight_smile:


YES! Congratulations Antonella :heart:

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Professional win - I was asked if we could do another mob testing session. A couple of weeks ago I ran the first session ever. And now someone still wants to do it again. And we did it and it was good. So hooray for this.

Personal win - I am still able to keep my relaxation from a vacation which ended two weeks ago.


Brilliant news on both wins Andrea :tada:

Great thread! I love reading about everyone’s successes for this week.:sparkles:

FTW this week:
• Professional - I shared my first tech related blog :writing_hand:
• Personal - I sold one of my paintings!
• Personal - raised $75 so far for my Extra Life game streaming charity event :joystick:


Congratulations Erin! Sounds like you had epic wins this week :star_struck:

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