What things do you love about the communities you are in?

What things do you love about the communities you are in?

What things stand out to you about them?

It doesn’t have to be specific to the testing community, maybe it’s a parenting or crafting community or something else entirely :grin:


I love the people, the opportunity to help other people feel better about themselves or their day, and the knowledge that they’ll do the same for me. I guess that sums up community? I’m thinking of the testers hangout, which I have repeatedly said I would not have survived 2020 without. xD

Also one of my fav things about the wider testing community is the existence of the human called Heather!


+1 for this … Heather is all of the awesome!


For me, communities are about the people, the shared sense of being. It doesn’t mean that we are all on the same page for all of the things, but there is a lot of open and respectful interactions, a variety of things that we do together and I feel both supported and challenged.

The broader testing community can be like this, and the pockets that I have found myself in have certainly been like this for the majority of the time.

The key element for any of these is that I have a desire to be there and in amongst the community. Nothing like a community of obligation to put you off!


A lot of what has said above. And:

  • A coming together of people from all walks of life. Everyone has got different backgrounds, work / home situations. Interacting with them gives you perspective, understanding, better view on the world
  • A network of people (and resources) you can fall back on.
  • A mechanism to balance things out. The non-testing communities I’m involved in help me keep sane