What tools/strategies you use to create and maintain a clear test-database?

Hi everyone!
I am looking for new ideas around creating and maintaining a test database that makes it easier to find test-cases.
We are using jira , x-ray test cases in our company and my team alone have nearly 500 manual x-ray test-cases. Other teams have their own the same way. We have put labels in our testcases to find them from Jira-search.
Still we have faced situations where it is difficult to find a testcase or some tests are duplicated , not sure if the test you find is the right/updated one.
I find myself having questions like
What other tools are there that can do a better job than x-ray?
How do we make it easier for a developer/tester to select a test out of several hundred testcases?
What can we do to have a better overview of the numerous testcases we created?

I would appreciate any input you have on this.
Thank you!


hi @ishani, welcome to the club

I’m not super versed in x-ray. I assume you have tried Test Repository - Xray Server + DC - Xray and Test Plan - Xray Server + DC - Xray ?

Since it’s a Jira plugin, do you have the same issue with other things in Jira? Could test cases be organized in the same way as the other things in Jira? Same tags etc?

Consider if tests have a life cycle too. In the sense that they are WIP|Active|Closed|Depricated (similar to tickets). Then you can close off the duplicates and those that have been replaced.

There are plenty of other test case management tools around. PractiTest, TestRail, Azure DevOps to name a few. Selecting the right tool is a whole project in it self, that requires management buy-in and funding. Consider what your options are on those avenues.

I hope this can get you started :slight_smile: /Jesper


Don’t use test cases, then the problem goes away and you can save that annual license fee for the case management tool.
Drop the Crutches « Developsense Blog

Hi Jesper,
Thank you for the generous answer :grinning: I did not know about the test repository option, definitely worth having a look thank you for mentioning the other tools as well. It’s a good start