What would you like to celebrate about March?

Another month has passed and for those of us in the northern hemisphere, spring appears to have sprung! :blossom:

Reflecting on the previous month, what would you like to celebrate about March?

Let’s celebrate with you. :smiley:


It’s trying hard to snow here in the East of England today, I just took a picture of it and also relented and turned on the heating again after 2 weeks of it standing idle. It was also the month that the psychological 2nd year of shutdown rolled around, so my celebration of March is mostly:

  • Personal - I gave out some hugs I’m up to hug number 5 since 2020

  • Back pain mostly sorted after some visits to chiro

  • Managed to get some Appium environment reproducibly set up. And having fun getting control of MacOS a bit more lately. Using tools like Java and xcode that I was unfamiliar with was tough. Have learned a lot about the stack in March, and feeling some level of confidence now.


I gave my first conference talk ever! :tada:

Also for the first time: I was the lead interviewer on both interview rounds. The candidate was great and it looks like I haven’t f***ed up the interviews too badly because he’s starting soon :slight_smile:

I managed to figure out how to run a Golang service locally through a proxy, in order to intercept and manipulate calls to a third party service.

  • The biggest thing is that I’m no longer the only tester on the team - I recommended a friend of mine, who used to work with me a few years back, he passed the interview and his onboarding is coming along nicely.

  • Other than that, I started taking long walks again - I got a lot of podcast episodes to catch up, AB testing, and Planet Product owner, to name a few!

  • Done some blogging a bit more than last year and started figuring out a curriculum for an in-person software testing course for people looking for a career change - it’s still in the very early planning phase.


Nice! Finally!


My wins:

  • Got some records in video games
  • Beat a horrible sprint with an insane deadline
  • Went on holiday with my co-workers as a teambuilding event
  • Recorded some awesome upcoming podcasts
  • Started thinking about writing a blog but I’m to scared to do so :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Still considering it… just requires some effort.

IN March I published another blog post about accessibility and energy management.