What's Your Win For The Week? 23rd January 2021

What win(s) do you have this week? Share them here so we can celebrate them :muscle:

My wins for this week:

  • Getting some exciting things booked in for UI Automation week
  • Getting more engagement here on The Club :heart: Seeing all of you post here more frequently really makes me feel amazing, that all of the work I’ve been doing to improve The Club has definitely been worth it. So yeah, thank you all!!!

This week has been a really good one for me! I did my very first (paid!) workshop for a company about self care, and got some excellent feedback. Off the back of that anothercompany has contacted me about possibly doing something with them :tada:


A great week here:

  • Was mentioned in the 21st skills for testers book launch by @emna_ayadi and @ardkramer
  • Finally had time to join the hangout
  • did a presentation to a head of IT (CTO) for a large pharma company around the things we do on test automation.
  • collaborated with the Project management office in another european company on tips to handle UAT with SME and end-users testing
  • the PMO above shared their SmartSheet which is an advanced online spreadsheet and project management tool in the lowcode space. very interesting
  • did some collaboration internally on how to statically test ticketing processes
  • but also realized I had to many things to juggle, so have to slow down a bit

take care you all! /Jesper


And it was a pleasure to see you there!!


Aaaah I have had a better week than last!!


  • I have kept up with the #100DaysOfMove each day

  • I have paid off my student room


  • The automation task force (I didn’t name it) at work has some rejuvenated impetus for the new year

  • We have signed more clients which means that we can now grow and recruit lots of lovely new faces :grinning:


I got a few, this week was good:


This week is so exciting with awsome achievements !

Looking forward for more news next week!


This week I

  • wrote over 10,000 words of my novel
  • helped do some stuff that helps new people get into testing
  • got some tickets closed
  • got dressed every day

Thanks :slight_smile: and biggest congratulations too :).



  • Made some good progress on test planning for an unfamiliar project.
  • Made some preparations to restart mentoring of new starters through their tester training from next week.
  • Got my LinkedIn updated and I think it’s looking good. Next up is the CV and that’s this weekend’s task.

Away from work:

  • Restarted some at-home fitness sessions after becoming a bit demotivated by it towards the end of last year.
  • I baked a cake - it tasted great, even if I do say so myself :smiley:
  • Started watching The Boys on Amazon Prime. I recommend it!
  • This afternoon I am putting myself first and taken last minute leave. Plan to get outside in the fresh air and watch a movie with the boys.
  • Team support this week and enjoying people management so much! It’s great to watch people grow and succeed.
  • More running. Up to 56 miles this year.
  • Logging into the club and learning from others.

Meeting many of you during the 99-minute workshop earlier this week. Thank you for joining.