When do you tend to find more bugs?

I’m curious about the relationship between when we have our most creative energy during our work day and when we tend to find more bugs.

Yep, I know this isn’t the most scientific of polls and polls are fallible yet give it a go. Think hard about when you are most creative during your work day and reflect on when you typically discover the most bugs.

When do you tend to find more bugs?
  • In the morning
  • In the afternoon
  • Towards the end of my working day
  • It doesn’t matter what time of day
  • Something else, please comment
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Ha, I’m really not a morning person and my afternoon sessions tend to be more focused.

That said when lying in bed thinking of endless things that can go wrong I often then find that morning “lets check out that idea I had when sleeping” session often proves very fruitful.

“What are the best times to find more bugs”

– Right before the release


For me it doesn’t really matter if it’s early or late. It probably has to do with when a new feature gets deployed. i’m energized 24/7! :slight_smile:

Before the development starts :wink:

When I am full of energy and most focused (which, for me, is in the morning). When I am out of energy, I am easily missing bugs, and take too much time to understand weird behavior.

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I’m still trying to understand the question and relationship between creativity, bugs, and the role of a tester.
I don’t think of my work as finding and counting bugs, but in how well I manage to evaluate a piece of work while maintaining a balance of several things.

When I’m looking at the software.

I tend to find creative bugs when my attention has diverted to some other topics and casually use the app. In my case, I am able to find curious bugs when I use the actual application in production.

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I feel very productive in the morning. For me, the mind is very fresh and open to non-usual ways of thinking so I could prepare unpredictable test scenarios for bug verification.

If there is a cup of coffee more bugs could be found :wink:

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