Which tool providers do you feel support the community? – 30 Days of Tools, Day 27

Today is Day 27 of the 30 Days of Tools challenge. :toolbox:

Which tool providers do you feel support the community?

  • These are the tools that embrace the community by providing a space to learn and connect with others, around their tool
  • What do those tool providers do to demonstrate their support for the community?
  • What else could they do that would make a real difference?

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:point_right: Have you seen the amazing schedule and registered for Test.bash();?

It’s on October 28th, 10am-10pm UK time. Available with a Pro Subscription or you can purchase a ticket.


Test project

What they provide:

  • All of them in my opinion have done a great job at giving back to the community and supporting it.
  • Amplify the people in the community by giving them a platform

What else can they do:

  • Support open source projects from the community
  • Free credits to testers who are just starting out and who could use a helping hand

This month I paid more attention to tools and their providers.

I have a good impression of Applitools, Saucelab, and Browserstack. They offer more than a tool. That is invaluable for their users.

My go to advice for testers learning test automation is the Test Automation University. A lot of knowledge and experience are offered for free.

During my first months of test automation I had problems with automated tests. It would be great to have some FAQ in place. For example, my test passed 80% of the time without changing any code.


Postman, they host live sessions on Linkedin from customer stories to educational content.

  • Give demo’s & tutorials on social media



Quite a few of of them (SmartBear, Perfecto, TestRail) have free webinars, blog content, testing related events. QA Touch had some really cool community based activates recently: https://www.qatouch.com/global-testers-day-2021/

Different kinds of free content, giveaways, hackathons, etc. For me another nice useful thing are the email newsletters, TestProject has a nice one:

Kind of like the format of the MoT newsletter, very succinct.

Maybe give some scholarships to talented kids and some community training programs for juniors.


I have really enjoyed using Slack and Discord to connect with folks using the same tools. Cucumber and Playwright communities come to mind first. I have had a number of constructive conversations in Cucumber channel specifically.

Most maintainers are pretty cool when they hear about how you are using their tool to solve problems. Then they seem to open up a bit more after that.

I really like this approach, the Slack one, because of the climate of the world. It allows easy connection with the people that matter to a tool without having to go to conferences or meetups.