Xmind Works - What do you think?

We currently use XMind (desktop version) however we have found it’s not possible to collaborate easily with other Testers. I previously looked at XMind Zen and it too didn’t have real time updates.

I’m just wondering if any is using XMind Works and if you have any feedback? Are you able to collaborate easily and does it include real time updates? If not is there another tool you recommend?

Thanks in advance


I haven’t used XMind Works, but Miro has scratched this itch for us. Much more than just mindmaps, and supports realtime collaboration.


I came here to recommend Miro, but @ernie beat me to it, so here’s a +1 instead

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I’ve used Mindmup Gold to create and share mindmaps with other people. You can create a team of people that can access shared maps. All browser based too so works across different Operating Systems. Pricing is good in my opinion and has served us well. Miro is an all round impressive toolsuite.

+2 for Miro. Our org uses LucidChart which is cumbersome (to be polite) for mind maps and won’t let us install anything else. But we can use Miro as it’s browser based… :roll_eyes: