Collaborative e-book

I want to do something to help others and bring people together inspired by the MoT community, so I’ve decided to organise creating an e book on testing stories/information/testing tips.

The goal is to help other people in the testing community by sharing and also, we’ll be asking for donations to the MIND charity when downloading the book.

It will be a good new year opportunity for career development for inspiring writers, other people who want to do something different, others that want to contribute to a good cause, other people who need distracting during these times…

If you’re interested, can you get in touch?
More details are on my blog here:


Really interesting idea Melissa! Sounds like a great opportunity to get some people together and supporting a great charity.


I’m delighted there is interest! We can have a big get together later in the month to all those that want to be involved.

In the meantime, feel free to share with anyone who you may think will be interested and come up with any drafts. Happy to chat with anyone 1-1 to bounce thoughts around.

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This is a great idea!


Awesome - glad you like the idea. A bit more organised now - have a google sheet where you can add your story ideas and a slack group. - if you want to get involved, ping me your email address.