Gingerbread House Competition

It wouldn’t be a holiday party without a bit of light-hearted competition :wink:


All competition participants will start assembling their houses at the same time. You’ll have a fixed amount of time to assemble your house and decorate it. Once the time is up, the host will judge the houses for:

  • First to finish and for the finished product to resemble a house
  • Best decorated

The winners will receive a prize :gift:


You can participate in this on or off camera!

Only on camera participants will be entered into the prize draw though. If you want to participate on camera and be in with the chance of winning a prize, add your name below. (Note that you must have a ticket for HolidayBash to participate).

If you’re participating off-camera, be sure to share pictures of your finished house here :house:


You will need:

Disqualifications apply for:

  • Houses that are assembled before the timer starts, we’re all starting with flat packs :wink:

Appearing on Screen

  1. Antonella
  2. Andrea
  3. Marie
  4. Bruce
  5. Abby

Hi @heather_reid! What an amazing idea!
I’ve just checked the Amazon link provided and they don’t ship to Spain so I found an alternative. I’ll buy it as soon as I get your thumbs up!ón/dp/B08K3LKT15/ref=sr_1_1?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=kit+de+casa+de+jengibre&qid=1604057379&sr=8-1


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Hey @antonella yep that will work!

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Buying it now :smiley: Woohooo!

Hi @heather_reid
could I also pre-bake the house elements rather than buy a set?

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Hi @andreajensen yes, if you’ve got the ingredients to do that, go for it :slight_smile:

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I found another great option and I have just placed my order :smiley:

Sign me up please :smiley:
Just purchased my Gingerbread House!

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I too wish to participate. I will be baking the gingerbread, so could be extra fun as it all falls apart

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Looking forward to it! @heather_reid can we have the frosting ready or do we need to make that during the competition as well?

You need to make that during the competition too. If you’ve bought pre-made icing, you’ll have a few minutes of tools down while others prepare their icing

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Ooooh I will check my kit to see if the frosting is ready to use or not :grinning: Thanks Heather!

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I’m in if there is space!

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There is space! See you on screen :grin: