Hello, glad to join the group!

Hi !
I am working as a Tester for about 17 years now.
I started as a Tester for a big Desktop Application (5 million+ LOC) doing 3D Modeling and statistical analysis for Oil Companies. Then I managed the Testing Team during about 15 years.
On the way we moved from waterfall to Agile process.
During the last 3 years, I moved back to a Tester position, but for Web applications this time (still in the same company and still targeting oil and gas companies).

I lost my Job about 3 months ago (difficult time for oil and gas business currently) and I am actively looking for a new position as Analyst Tester.
I might have found my dream job, waiting for the final answer. :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:
If I am selected, I will move to functional testing for a Mobile Application in the medical domain.
So as a start, my focus will be to learn what is specific to Mobile Applications testing compared to desktop / Web Applications (any hints on articles / blogs / books is more than welcome).
But I am open to any topic ! I like to learn new things.

I am very happy to come back to this group that I used to follow some years ago, when Sherry was editing a journal with funny drawings inside, that I was printing on the wall outside of my office :slight_smile: