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Welcome to MoT @soikmd2 !!

Glad you enjoyed TestBash! :slight_smile:
What’s your favorite way of testing?

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Hi all, I’m Martin, Front-End developer from New York. I build a component library used internally at my company and I’m trying to get better at writing tests. MoT looks like a great community!


Hi all, I’m Vinaya. Joined community from a year or so but haven’t been active much. I have been into Software testing from past 14+ years right from the days of SilkTest and 1year release with waterfall methodology, then Wagile… Sometimes Agile
Want to stay on technical side of things bt getting pushed more into management side these days.


Welcome @clafoutis & @vin to MoT!

It is the best :smiley:

Is there an option that you can just say “no thanks”?

Hi :wave:

My name is Sameera

I’ve been a software developer for almost 5 years after taking a break from my profession, I decided to switch my career from development to testing. Someone recommended me this site to start with to overcome fears and tears of testing.

I joined Ministry of Testing to know more about testing tools and process.


Welcome @samimaks to MoT!

Seems like you got smarter! :smiley:

There are no fears or tears in testing, just breaking down software for fun! =)
Make sure to check out:


Welcome here @samimaks and in the world of software testing !
It looks such an interesting switch after 5 years spent in development.
I personally feel not that technically strong in software development, the last development project I did my end of study project then started my first job in testing 6 years ago.
I enjoyed it so much, but started feeling the need of being more technical so I started recently, more investigations there …


Hello everyone! Anders here, newbie and quite experienced at the same time. I started testing telephone and mobile systems back in the beginning of the 90´s, sent probably one of the first text messages and so… Since 1999 I did not work directly with test, having been more involved in leading and managing programming projects. But now I have returned to test again, in a quite different world of Agile development and complex, ever changing web guis. I do want to talk test in this new environments with the same rationale as SW development always have had.


Welcome @anders62 to MoT!

More like Veteran :smiley:
You must have seen so many changes in your life in the world of IT/testing.

Welcome! Glad you’re here.

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Hey @anders62 . Welcome! :wave:t2:

When the time is right, it would be great to hear stories of how you tested sending one of the first text messages. Very cool!

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Would dearly like to discuss my testing “history” as well as some problems adapting to a world where automatization of complex and ever changing complex web GUI’s is considered a must… And where agile testing “boards” ends up in a mishmash of test cases.

In what subforum or on what platform is discussions like that best held? Guess not here in the introduction subforum.


When you create a post, click on category and select “Sharing Lounge”

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Hi @mwinteringham,
Thanks for the invite! I actually am a bedside registered nurse but am looking to jump in to becoming a real tester. My husband is an app developer so I always show him a bug whenever I create or find one in my apps! I always rely on him for anything tech-related so I’m excited to jump in the water and be able to fend for myself. I am also a harpist and have a wonderful dog!


Welcome @megantheeharpist to MoT! <3

Welcome to the world of testing :stuck_out_tongue: That’s quite a jump you made there from nurse to tester.
Finally seen the light :smiley: //giggles//

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Hi everyone! I’m a total newbie on this, I don’t have a specific formation on computers but talking with some friends that are software developers they told me that with my skills I could be a good QA, so I’m going to give it a try and see what I can achieve.
Thank you for all the information and the community you created :slight_smile:


Welcome @duncan to MoT! :slight_smile:
Glad you are giving it a shot, if you need anything specific about QA this is really the place to be.

What did you do before you jumped onto QA?

Hello Mark. Pleased to see you taking such initiatives. This is Kanika Vatsyayan and we collaborated for an interview recently.

It feels amazing to see when you share similar values and ideas with someone, especially this very concept of digital transformation.

I remember how valuable the interview you had with BugRaptors came out to be and I am sure it would have really helped the readers develop some great insights into the world of testing.

Curious to have a quick reunion again and have another interesting talk on some fresh topic diving into the changing dynamics of software testing and QA industry.

Extending my best wishes to you for your mission to change the world of technology for good.


Thanks for the chance to introduce myself.
I’m Iain and have been a tester for about 20 years now and am currently working for an international technology company in the UK.
I’ve pretty much always been in manual testing with the little automated I’ve done always being a ‘now and then’ affair rather than something I can truly learn from.
Definitely struggle with automated as I’m not a coder (I originally failed at being a developer) and don’t know where to start with any of it due to the assumed knowledge most of it requires.
Any steer in the right direction would be appreciated.
On the plus side I’m an experienced line manager (I’m one of the those few who actually really enjoy that side of things) and also a Mental Health Fire Aider.


Hi all!
I’m Liam, I’ve been a test engineer for ~8 years now. I started my journey as tech support at a UK based, family owned digital signage company who made Fedora based set top boxes. Through my work in tech support raising tickets to the test team on customer issues I was asked if I would be interested in splitting my time between the two disciplines by the Test Manager, I jumped at the offer as waiting for emails or phone calls could get frustrating and I was messing around with the configurations, unwittingly performing exploratory testing. This turned into a full time move to the test team.
I moved on after a couple of years to a large US virtualisation company, getting exposure to the different ways of working with big teams across the world. The role was part test, part lab manager due to no one else being interested in ensuring the server pool we had was working correctly and was accessible. After a couple of years I requested a secondment to the performance and scalability, this gave me some great experience working with other teams and stakeholders, including large customers requiring a proof of concept and expected performance levels. Then redundancy.
I am now at a large telco company in a agile team working alongside a great group of people, getting to work on requirements early and helping design out issues, validating use cases and automating as I go. I’ll also take on small side projects to help out other teams and functions, although my current lending a hand has resulted in 6 months work!