Quality testing love!

If you wrote a valentine’s poem about what you do, what would it look like?

Here’s my attempt from my learning group this morning.


In lines of code, I find my quest,
In bytes and bits, my heart does rest.
In the realms of testing, love finds its place,
But with each bug prevented, more Quality is best.

From unit tests to integration, we roam,
Driving/Navigating, towards our north star, our home.

Our Observability dance, we find our rhythm,
Together, we debug, though not everything is “Given”.

In a holistic embrace, we seek perfection,
In the heart of testing, love’s reflection.
So let’s validate our love, line by line,
In the world of software, you’ll always be mine.
Exploring the realm of empathy, we find our song,
Happy Valentine’s, where our quest grows strong.



In the realm of code, where algorithms gleam,
There lies a tale beyond the screen’s soft beam.
Where bytes and bits dance in silent grace,
A love story unfolds in this digital space.

In the heart of systems, where errors may lurk,
A tester’s devotion, a steadfast work.
With every line scanned, each bug detected,
Their love for perfection remains unaffected.

Like Cupid’s arrow, their tests aim true,
Seeking out flaws, in the code they pursue.
With patience and care, they uncover each glitch,
Ensuring the software’s love story won’t hitch.

Through endless loops and countless trials,
Their dedication never wanes, it never defiles.
For in the world of coding, where perfection’s the goal,
The tester’s love burns brightest, making systems whole.

So on this day of love, let’s raise a toast,
To the testers who ensure our software’s utmost.
Their passion and commitment, a love so true,
Happy Valentine’s Day, to each tester like you!

[I cheated and used ChatGPT] :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Explore galore
As a choice it’s sure
To discover unknown unknowns
But what are we
To question with such glee
The decisions we make
To learn more about our software testing craft
Never an end in sight
Time to take flight
And discover how the testing planets align