What’s Your Win For The Week? 15th May 2021

Had my article published to the Ministry of testing and I think I found some interesting topics for videos for my youtube channel


I get super weird about doing any sort of automation and especially telling others about it, because I never think I can do it, plus I always think the devs will laugh at how badly I’m struggling and that they won’t think it’s useful at all. This week I showed a couple of colleagues some Katalon stuff I’ve been working on and

  • they’d never seen/considered using tooling like it before, where you can automate stuff but still test on a browser
  • they thought it was super cool and useful
  • we’re having a meeting next week to see if we can somehow integrate it and make it part of the project
  • I got a promotion!
  • I finally learned SQL basics recently and have been putting it to use in testing

Congrats on the promotion!

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Why would anyone want to put you down, that’s what I can’t work out.

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Oh I’m pleased whenever I see these threads.

  • I recorded something at work, which wasn’t terrible
  • I have been able to put my recent sudden job hunt experience to good use by helping a few friends with CV tips, which has been really rewarding. It’s nice when a bad experience can yield some positive results
  • The Testing Peers Podcast on burnout came out this week and has been well received. I’ve flirted a lot with burnout during this pandemic, so I’m happy that we can talk about this: Burnout
  • Myself and @undevelopedbruce launched our Crowdfunder for do the TestBash Home 24 hour marathon, to raise money for Covax: 24 Hours of TestBash Home Charity Marathon
  • Aaand I am receiving my first vaccination shot tomorrow!!

Omg Chris I’m so excited you’re getting vaccinated! Also, congrats on all your wins for the week, sounds like you’ve had a really good, fruitful and rewarding week.


Congratulations Olly!


After my yearly review I sat down with my boss and we discussed a role change to more accurately reflect what I have been doing since I started, and will continue to do. Wrote up a job spec for it to present to the higher ups, and it was immediately accepted, and proposed a pay increase that was exactly what I wanted and then some. I will officially be Lead Test Analyst at the start of June!

This is my first official promotion in my 9 year career, and I honestly feel so valued and respected at this workplace. I’m proud to work here.

  1. Long time lurker here so first post in a while.
  2. Had my second vaccination on Wednesday, and although I’ve got side effects made up it’s done.
  3. After 18 months in dev returned to testing and rebranded the test team to QA, introducing the holistic testing approach, culminating in becoming Interim QA Manager this week.

My wins:

  • New Playwright + Jest based testsuite started
  • “leveled up” in my conversations with team, adjusting my thinking based on @callum 's fantastic Exploratory Testing AMA
  • Negociated an end date at my current role, so I can get on with leaving gracfully and looking forward to my new job!

That’s huge, well done :grinning:


My wins this week:

  • Professional - lots of CPD this week, 9 accounting webinars in 2 days while working. Intense but worthwhile :exploding_head:
  • Professional - complete mindset shift after chatting with @simon_tomes last week and the rest of the team :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
  • Personal - more house jobs done! I have to get them in before the husband changes his mind :shushing_face:
  • Personal - started looking after myself better after a funny turn mid-week, thanks to @mcgovernaine for checking in on me :hugs:

I think I’ve had many wins this week. The one that stands out is learning so much from @heather_reid. Thanks for all your help, Heather!


My wins this week:

  • Enjoying my second week in vacation mode although preparing some slides for coming talks but it’s relaxing without job.
  • was planning to make a long break between 2 jobs of 4 months, but I changed my plans when I find a freelance role QA Strategist for 2 months and half ! Will start it next week :slight_smile: so excited with such new challenge !

I’ve been wanting a mentor for a while but was too shy to ask anyone. This week I asked someone!

  • Went to some doctor appointments that I’ve been putting off.
  • More focus time / breaks in the day.

Here are few quick wins

  • Added 3+ videos on API Testing with POSTMAN on The Testing Academy Youtube Channel.
  • Worked on API Testing with Karate Framework
  • Added 2+ videos on API Testing (Hindi YouTube channel )

Funny how I don’t think I’ve done anything all week until I see these threads.

  • Finished paperwork/admin which should mean something new and exciting in a few weeks. :crossed_fingers:
  • Busy weekend with DIY for the kids rooms. (Lots of flatpack counts as DIY right?)
  • Good progress with writing
  • Ad hoc cross department work on Friday. Was nice to share some of how we approached wikis / internal guides.

Yes Peet! Looking forward to seeing what comes next :grin: Not surprised your appraisal went well, you’ve been doing excellent work :muscle:

Loved reading your article Ioan :grin: HUGE fan of lego here too :stuck_out_tongue:

Woop woop :tada: delighted you put yourself out there and the team have responded so well!

Congratulations Olly! :partying_face:

Listened to this myself this week. Really loved it. It’s been a while since I was able to sit down and properly focus on a podcast so was pretty happy to have started with this one as it’s a topic I care a lot about too :heart:

This fills me with so much joy! So glad to see you being appreciated for the wonderful tester you are :muscle: congratulations on the new job title and pay increase, fantastic news :balloon:

Welcome back to testing Brandon :grin: looking forward to seeing more posts from you here

Fantastic news! Great to be able to leave on good terms :slight_smile:

Good on you! It’s tricky to stay on top of sometimes and easy to focus on everyone but yourself. Proud of you :hugs:

You have! It’s been a busy week :grin: Hope you got to relax over the weekend after the brain overload!

Sounds like you’re getting on top of lots of side projects Emna, congratulations :grinning:

Yes Kimberly! :muscle: Good on you for putting yourself out there :tada:

Really important Melissa! Got to look after yourself :hugs:

Lots of API focus this week for you Pramod :grin: Sounds like it was a busy week!

Yes, it also deserves a medal for patience :laughing: