What’s Your Win For The Week? December 5th

What win(s) do you have this week? Let’s celebrate them by sharing them below :grin:

My win for this week:

  • Personal: got almost all of my Christmas gifts ordered and most of them from local suppliers rather than Amazon :muscle:

I love these posts, it helps me to realise all the good things that have been achieved in a week!

This week has been another busy week in start-up world!

  • We started to remove the bug graveyard with a new bug triage process that I initiated
  • I got to attend some of the Online Test Conference
  • We started an all-day virtual office drop-in call, and I have seen at least half the team in there at some point
  • After last week’s Three Amigos launch, we had one of the devs initiate a Three Amigos session and I think we already have seen some value come out of that
  • We formally kicked-off our new automation project
  • We recorded the Testing Peers’ Christmas episode last night, a lot of fun was had

I think I possibly may have learnt some JavaScript. I certainly typed out a bunch of JavaScript that never worked first time but all previous attempts to learn to code have not been anywhere near as successful.

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