What's your win for the week? 21st May 2021

Did you achieve something amazing this week? No matter how big or small, feel free to share.

My simple win for this week:

  • I’m reminded how just one tweet can end up with so many replies later that you discover more incredible people you’ve never met before in this brilliant community. :hugs:

I like these threads, makes me think about all the good stuff that happened every week :slight_smile:

  • This might be a bit weird in 2021 but I made a twitter account :L
  • Met some amazing new people that inspired me to do more community-stuff! @emna_ayadi

Here are my small achievements this week:

  1. Continue to write new blog posts for my blog, after coming back to it for the third time). I added two posts this week. And also I have a huge list of ideas for upcoming posts.
  2. Prepare a detailed tech career plan for the upcoming 6 months (in xMind) and started to track progress.
  3. Learned how to use Sphinx and ReadTheDocs for creating and publishing documentation for the project.
  4. Continue to dive into blockchains, cryptography, distributed systems.
  5. Learning Scala and Akka frameworks in depth.
  6. Started to dig what is Terraform tool.

Hey @kristof,
Thanks for mention, it was also a pleasure meeting you and congratulations for your new Twitter :slight_smile:
I had an Twitter account since ages but I always forget its username or password :joy:
I remember when I went to the first testing conference as participant. everyone was talking about Twitter and many things are shared during the conference using its hashtag! So just when I come back home I decided to be active there, there’s a lot to learn feom the testing community in Twitter :smiley:


It was a great week full of challenges

  • Having a cactus in my desk
  • Today I’ll speak in a remote conference (Journée agile) Belgium the place where I did my first talk 2 years ago and it will be my 10th talk.
  • It was a pleasure meeting likeminded people @kristof
  • Not sure if it’s bad or good thing finished my slide deck so late last night for today presentation (last minute preparation I started week ago designing ideas for this new talk) it was a bit stressful due to time pressures with other preparations and it was part of my talk driven development challenge.
  • Started my (temporary new job of QA Strategist) as a Tester first to understand the product and while learning about it I find many bugs/improvements since my forst day
  • My new team (of the coming permanent new job next September) invited me to their local community meetup to introduce me to the team

My wins for this week:

  • Personal: was able to go to the hairdresser and get my hair coloured for the first time since December :haircut_woman:
  • Professional: got that long-awaited Club update released for everyone to see the work we have been doing behind the scenes :grin:

This was my first week back at a “normal job”, working “normal hours”.

It was a week of highs and lows. I liked the first week way more than I anticipated, but I was also confronted with some stubborn mental pathways in my brain. I’ll rise to the challenge and make the most out of this assignment.

I slept 7+ hours last night, which also hasn’t happened in a long time. Is this what it feels like to be human?


What is you @ on Twitter Kristof? Want to hit follow!!

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I had to find it myself XD


I’m going to level up these weekly threads by sharing (some of) my fails too. From failure you learn


  • A good session with a fellow engineer (not quite pair programming, but still) to push changes on our automation framework
  • Yearly objectives set. Keep raising the bar
  • One of my tester of the day nominations was called out this week


  • Some of the test results didn’t line up for some time. After long investigation found out I was targeting the wrong code branch
  • (personal) Long waited material for a DIY project finally arrived. Only to find out it is the wrong size. So ordered the correct stuff now, but have to wait again…

Everyone hit that follow button!!!


@pmichielsen I love that you still found the positives in the fails!


Best thread each week!!


This week:

  • Got my first couple of pull requests merged. I’ve been mainly focused on exploratory testing so far, so it’s been nice to dip my toes into coding land.
  • I’ve had some blockers with assigned work in my team this week but I’ve managed to get other things done which should help later on.
  • I’ve felt more comfortable asking questions in my new job - definitely had a bit of imposter syndrome going on which I’m working through.

Seriously loving reading all these excellent wins! Thank you for sharing. :trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy::trophy:

@al8xr , so cool to see you are actively writing at https://alexromanov.github.io/

I like your concept of sharing wins & fails, @pmichielsen. Brilliant openness and reflection to learn. :raised_hands:

Yay, congrats @maaike.brinkhof :zzz:

What a lovely thing for them to do, @emna_ayadi! Very kind.

And the updates look incredible, @heather_reid . Congrats on all your efforts to make this happen!

Followed indeed, @kristof .

Congrats, @moorpheus! And I feel similar with my new job. Asking questions has been my saviour, yet it can be tough to keep on asking.

  • Challenged the status quo with something at work. It was called out as a positive.
  • Had a really long chat with my dad today over a cup of tea. It’s so nice we can start getting together more.
  • Got my TestBashHome talk mostly finalised. I need to practice it a dozen times now to make it slick.
  • Had a lovely pub lunch with my husband. I was a bit nervous about going out, but it felt very safe and we had a fantastic time for my birthday.

Upgraded our internal “test runner” utility so it is fully compatible with Robot Framework 4.0. It turned out to be a little more challenging than first thought but our new Python dev did really well and we got there after 4 or 5 quick iterations.

I finally got my 8 year old daughter interested in coding. I found a way to make it fun for her by making a game of it. She read and edited the source code (written in Go) to change the game dynamics a little. She then learned how to saved the code, compile and run the game in the shell.



  • In the prior week I was struggling mentally, with logging bugs that felt less important or less useful right now. “Log a better bug when the time is right and you know more” was going through my mind. Last week, in a demo, I accidentally showed I bug I had raised in August, thinking it will never get looked at. One person watching the demo raised the bug priority, the team are looking at it today.
  • Another plus is that I am starting to approach my goal of creating two E2E tests in one day


  • Had bad back pain entering the week, by the weekend I’m back to normal.
  • Still struggling mentally with the “PTSD” of working at home, finding I’m unable to get my mind out of lockdown.
  • On the plus side, I got the chainsaw started and happily cut down some very tiny trees for a friend - which got me out of the house, and I did manage to stay for a good long cuppa Yorkshire tea (No milk, no sugar). It felt good to share my fear.
  • Got my first ministry of testing article approved and now scheduled to be published this Thursday May 27th =)
  • Learning to use react-testing-library

Hooray, @zecarrera. That’s so cool! I look forward to reading it. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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