What's Your Win For The Week? November 7th

What wins do you have this week? Big or small, let’s celebrate each others wins :balloon:

My win for this week:

  • Professional: Got more HolidayBash sessions set live and got some sponsors on board for it :sunglasses:
  • Personal: Gave myself some me time to relax with a face mask :heart:
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Finally allowed myself enough time to put my CNC through its paces. Learned a lot on CAD / CAM, feeds & speeds, toolpaths, and router bits.
A lot more to learn still but happy with the progress :ninja_orange:


Wow! That is amazing Peet :heart_eyes:

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That is so cool Peet!!

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I started the Testing Peers Instagram and it is quite fun, I have no idea what I am doing with it.

At work, after suddenly becoming a Scrum Master, we have had the chance to completely overhaul the way we do things and the team is communicating so much better as a result!

We have also started using RiskStorming and I am writing JDs for hiring some new testers in the future…lots of exciting things