Tools that you use to create presentations and demos

In an increasingly virtual world, it becomes very important to convey our thoughts more clearly but also most importantly present it efficiently!

What are some of the tools and techniques that you use when you present your thoughts to your team’s internally within your organisation or during conferences (live and recorded).

Some of the tools that I’ve relied on very heavily over the last couple of years are

  • Google slides
  • Miro
  • iMovie - edit videos
  • QuickTime Player (to cast my phone or iPad)
  • zoom - to record videos while sharing screens
  • loom - to request testimonials from other people

What are some of yours ? :desktop_computer:


vysor - for casting your mobile ,since it supports fruit and non-fruit phones
virtualbox - if you want to really show something off, make sure you can push through any walls

  • Mindnode app for making mindmaps to generate a skeleton
  • Evernote for screen snaps from the webpages
  • Canva - for the presentation